Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Castle of Family Secrets to be RELEASED JULY 2013

The C Walker Adventures continues with an unparallelled adventure in this exciting sequel, The Castle of Family Secrets. The Walker family goes to Scotland to stay with Chloe's crazy aunt and uncovers an underworld that holds the hidden truths of her family's legacy. Unicorns, Pegasus and elusive shadows are just under Chloe's feet while Dr. C. Y. Clops tries to keep things in check. Can Chloe protect the family secret and keep these mythological creatures in the world of legends? With her knack for mischief, Chloe goes above and beyond in this episode. she comes.



Micah said...
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Amber Mink said...

When you work on a work in progress do you work by the hour or by word count? :) Thanks for being diligent in your writing :P
Amber Davis

(Sorry, I was signed into my husbands account.)

KF Ridley said...

Hi Amber,
I work by the story. I don't think of time or word count. I kind of know what to expect regarding word count when I start the story...but I mainly just focus on the story.