Sunday, September 1, 2013

Embracing Diversity through Middle Grade action adventure

Because each of us has different gifts and abilities, we must rely on one another in a mindset of teamwork to maximize the human potential. Not one person possesses every talent. No one person can do everything with exceptional aptitude. Some people can sing, some can draw and others are good at math. There are people with thumbs so green they can make flowers bloom under any earthly conditions. There are those who are superior servants and others who are great at giving.

Do you ever envy the gifts of others? Do you ever want to be able to do the things someone else can do and never get the hang of it, only to spend wasted time trying to be something you weren't meant to be. We must recognize the gifts in others in order to grow our own strengths and strengthen mankind. We should not be envious of another's gifts and we should not be irritated by our differences. Realizing our own gifts and appreciating the talents of others helps us to achieve our individual goals as well as our goals as a community.

If we were supposed to depend solely on ourselves, each of us would be completely self sustainable, completely independent and capable of all things.
Embrace diversity as it is the founder of unity.

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