Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The dirt on DIRT Thursday

Dirt is almost here. I know I've been promising that it would be out "soon" about 8 months ago.  My how time flies. Thanks so much for being patient. These things take time. And by these things....I mean writing a novel. Just to get things started and to help ease the anticipation each Thursday I will post "The dirt on DIRT", just a smudge. Here's the first scoop.....

KF Ridley 

 "None of this is making sense." I shake my head to clear away the cobwebs that clutter my mind. Trying to absorb every word and think clearly. He stands with his broad back facing me, shaped like a perfect ‘V’ sculpted into a human body. Oh yeah. I remind myself. He isn't human.
KF Ridley 

 His face is full of passion and his eyes draw me in. He moves closer, his face just a fragment of air away from mine. "You are why I was born. Why I even exist. I was chosen at a very young age out of many to be your protector. An honor I don't take lightly." His face is so close to mine now. His lips are just a breath away. I want to know how his mouth would feel pressing against mine. Each curve. Each crease. The moment stands still. I’ve never known the tenderness of another’s lips. His right hand moves down my shoulder rubbing my upper right arm. I linger in the moment.

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