Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Veiled by S C Niccum....Not just another YA

Raise your hand if you are tired of the "good girl" falling head over heels for the "bad boy" that you find in most YA novels. Well look no further, Niccum's Veiled does not follow the traditional outlines of the YA genre . This novel is in a genre all it's own and is completely unique. It is a alternate view on the journey that we all took before we came into this world as a spirit.

Tess, the protagonist, tells her story as a young spirit learning the way things will be on earth. Once she goes into the world, like everyone else, she will forget everyone she has known in the spirit world. This is a concern for her and her spirit friends as one by one they enter the world. There is an upside, all of her friends have signed up to be angels before they actually enter the world as mortals. She helps her friends fall in love, overcome hardships while on earth and she protect them from the cast-outs. The cast-outs are spirits that do not want to follow the rules set by the Eternals but instead follow the Second One.

Not only does Niccum produce this unique view of the world, she also allows the reader to fall in love with the intoxicating characters. Tess' love interest, Alex, definitely does not have the bad boy image. He is protective and is always doing what is right. (It is refreshing  to see a healthy relationship as part of a storyline.)  After entering the world in human form, Tess and Alex know that they will not remember each other or their love while they were spirits. The fear of not being with the one she loves and avoiding the cast-outs (that seem to take special interest in her) are only apart of the many trials Tess faces before she even enters the human world. She can only imagine the life that she will be born into.

This is a fantastic read that you won't be able to put down. Available on Amazon print and kindle. Also available on Barnes and Nobles Nook.....

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